How to create a WhatsApp Chatbot using VBNET

Building chatbot is easy with Ultramsg API, you can build a customer service bot and best ai chatbot Through simple steps using the VB.NET.

Chatbot tasks:

  • The output of the command list.
  • The output of the server time of the bot running on.
  • Sending image to phone number or group.
  • Sending audio file.
  • Sending ppt audio recording.
  • Sending Video File.
  • Sending contact.
  • Sending Random Sentence.
  • Sending Random Joke.
  • Sending Random Image.


for local development purposes, a tunneling service is required. This example uses ngrok , you can download Ngrok from here.

Download project

You can download all project files from GitHub.

Set the instance ID and token

Set the instance ID and token in appsettings.json file.

run project

dotnet watch


Run NGROK For Windows:

ngrok http https://localhost:6000

Run NGROK for mac:

./ngrok http https://localhost:6000

Set Webhook URL

Go to your ultramsg account to set Webhook URL after copying the ngrok url and add /api/ Route like this:

and enable this option “Webhook on Received”.

image 3
Webhook URL

Receive WhatsApp messages and command processing

Congratulations. Now you can try sending to WhatsApp number and testing the WhatsApp chatbot.

This is all you need to receive and read messages from users, and then respond to them. You can develop the list and add more complex commands such as querying from Database and updating records in the database etc.