How do send to multiple numbers using the same API request?

You can send many numbers with the same API request, just put the comma between the numbers.
Put a comma between the recipient numbers like that :


image 3
The maximum number in each request is 500 phone numbers.

Important notes About sent to multiple numbers:

1- All messages will be directly queued in your instance, ⚠️ so be very careful about setting the time between messages with the “Send Delay” parameter.
As in the picture:

The time interval in seconds between messages

The default value is 1 second
But it may not be suitable if the number of messages is large.
Therefore, it is very necessary to adjust this time well according to your project.

2- At any time, you can find out the number of messages in the queue from here:
Status: queue

3- You can also delete all messages from the queue using
Status: queue