Whatsapp API Link Generator

Quickly generate a WhatsApp link & QR with a message and share it with your Client.

WhatsApp API by ultramsg

How get WhatsApp API URL ?

make whatsapp link generator short and whatsapp direct message link like use this link :

https //wa.me/ whatsapp number

whatsapp link number generator it’s good for make whatsapp link for instagram and for use api whatsapp with ultramsg .

now you can make free whatsapp link and make whatsapp link generator short .

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About UltraMsg

Start working with Ultramsg and send unlimited messages via WhatsApp REST API, we will provide everything you need about technical support and infrastructure.

What is UltraMsg ?

Ultramsg is a WhatsApp provider and a gateway for working with messages.

If you are looking to contact your customers via WhatsApp or build your own WhatsApp solution (whether it is a CRM/ERP system, a chatbot, or some other platform), UltraMsg will be your perfect choice.

What can the UltraMsg do ?

UltraMsg performs quite many functions.

You will be able to send all types of files and messages in WhatsApp, automatically create and manage instances, webhooks, set up event notifications …etc

How stable is UltraMsg ?

We have prioritized stability and safety. On our part, we guarantee:

– Good server uptime is 99.9%.

– 24/7 customer support.

– Urgently update service.

Can I send bulk messages?

Ultramsg does not have a limit as to how many messages you can send.

we do not recommend sending more than 5000 messages a day.

But when you send bulk messages users Maybe mark your messages as spam which will lead to your number being blocked.

So take care to send messages only to your clients only. And the messages should not be spam or annoying advertisements. The messages should be services (reminders – OTP – subscription – or any message the customer is waiting for …etc

finally, you can see Full Whatsapp API Documentation and FAQ.